Monday, May 16, 2011

The film is ready to be released!

It's just three days before I set to walk the longest distance I have covered so far on foot. I sit back and think what made me take this decision? Why did I think of walking 1600 kms in the desert? And how is it that I have been happy ever since I made that decision? What all happened after I decided to walk those thousand miles with 12 other like-minded crazy people from across the globe?

After the decision was made, I think a clap-boy came and clapped, the camera started rolling, and I heard "ACTION". Oh my god!!!!! I was acting in a film. All my actions were directed by a film director who resided somewhere deep in my sub-conscious. I was just playing a good actor, who is a director's delight. I ran marathons, I dragged tyres, I worked-out, I walked, I trekked, I swam, I argued with friends on the ideal training plan, I pulled them into the training along with me... but no no... it was not me! It was my director who wanted me to do it.

The shoot is now over and the film is ready to be released. Whatever happens from now onwards is the result of all those efforts that my director put in to make me perform the best.

But hey, now is the time to free myself from the director. I am now set to watch the premier of the film. I will not be performing now! I will be watching my own performance on the screen, live!!!

Follow this space! The film is coming soon

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  1. was excited and curious when I saw this ad.......

    coming soon in deserts “GobiCrossing” 1600Km eastman colour movie

    and finally I smiled and clapped when I saw

    “GobiCrossing” Now Showing @ deserts