Tuesday, May 24, 2011

An evening in UB before I see Shadow!!!!

Last evening in the city before I set for the longest walk in my life. Everything is unknown, unexplored, unimaginable. But, that's the fun! Tomorrow morning at 4.45 we all fly to Khovd by Eznis Airways. We then take a jeep to a place called Bulgan which is another 400 kms from Khovd. Bulgan is the starting point for us.

I am so excited to see Shadow! Shadow is the name I have chosen for my camel. Thanks to my sweet sis- Neha- for the name! Shadow will be the name of my camel so that I will always have shadow with me in the scorching Gobi heat!

The wait will be over soon and I will be off from FB, phone, twitter, or any form of communication with the external world! I will be with the 12 team mates in the vast expanse of Gobi. Well, I will be so busy and so empty. I am not sure what I am going to do. I don't know what does a person has to do when cut from the known people. The wind, the heat, the cold, the shiver, the sweat, the blood, the pain, the camels, the buddies, the stories, the experiences, the tents, the wet wipes, the food, the sleeping bag, the sun-block, the blisters,.... these will be the talks of the coming days... and I am all set for it...


  1. wait is over...yeeeee....
    sorry...hhhuuuuummmmmm :)

    ur Genie is waiting...come soon...come fast....

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