Saturday, May 21, 2011


This morning, I spent 14,490 bucks for a soap, a water bottle, 2 rolls of toilete paper, and a facewash.

I got my currency exchanged in the hotel at UB and I got it at the rate of 1190 tugriks for a dollar, which means 1190 tugriks for 45 rupees (please do not ask me to do further maths).

I am already liking the city. The city took me by surprise. I see all signs of modernization- tall glass buildings, shopping malls with all the latest brands, smartly dressed girls who look to be busy in their lives.

While walking to the Eznis airlines office, did we see the State Great Khural- the building of the Mongolian parliament.

Whisle coming back to the hotel, I noticed a group of people playing chess and gambling :) bang opposite to the parliament building :).

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